The Four Seasons of Dispute© depicts the moment you first sense something is amiss right through to another fresh start.  4HR is a community of fellowship that will walk with you through the four seasons.  You don't have to be alone.

Autumn of Vulnerability

When the leaves start to change colors and the weather gets cooler, you know that summer is giving way to autumn.  Where you were once a well regarded member of the HR team, you find yourself slowly drifting away from the main pack.


If you are an individual contributor, you begin to feel that you are no longer part of the main leadership circle. You begin to feel something is wrong, the sense of vulnerability.  You no longer sense that you have job security.  These could be due to a number of reasons:

You are getting too expensive 

You are not seen to be a "team player" (always being the "guardian angel")

Your organization is trying to avoid paying you redundancy package

You just have a new boss, despite trying your best, the chemistry is just not there

You have a strong suspicion that your new boss wants to build his "own team"

You are not meeting the expectations of your new boss
You realized that you are unable to deliver to the demands of the organization

You made a few recent "blunders" that embarrassed your GM/MD

 You stood toe to toe with your GM/MD, and he does not like it

 You realized that the "job scope" is much bigger that originally thought

Your GM/MD wants to do things in a high-handed manner, you had to be courageous

Winter of Darkness

Your greatest nightmare has come true! You know you have been "cold storage" and left out of the main group (or leadership team).  Your boss is nitpicking on you almost on a daily basis.  The "finger pointing" is no longer about process issues, it has become very personal.  More than a few times, you have been hinted that your future is no longer secure.


In the worse case scenario, you have been accused of dishonesty, and actions that are tantamount to dismissal.  At the height of winter, you have been asked to appear in front of an independent Board of Inquiry (BOI).  Suddenly, seconds matters as you need to be ready to face the BOI.

Spring of Release

You just been dismissed, part of a reduction-in-force, etc from the company.  Darkness envelopes you.  You are in a state of shock, disbelief, and even anger as you go through the emotional roller coaster ride along the coping cycle.  When you were once in total control, you begin to feel that it is slipping away fast.

Once out of the organization, you realized that you are all alone.   The once so called "colleagues" of yours don't want to associate with you.  You have lost your "citizenship" and they have started to distance themselves from you. You realized that you have to begin the next chapter of your life alone.  

Summer of Rejuvenation

Summer is here again.  The sun is up shinning brightly.  Time for you to move on to the next wonderful chapter in your career.  Don't look at the rear view mirror.  Look forward.  Time for you to know what are the options available.

The challenge is to have your entire career always basking in the Summer warmth.  One way is to be part of a HR community that will come together to share insights and ideas so that you are continuously kept abreast of the developments in the HR profession.

In our Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) agile world, things are moving at breakneck speed.  Taking time off to network with your fellow HR practitioners must be part of your growth strategy to stay relevant not just for today but for tomorrow.

If you would like to "pay it forward", please come to our monthly meet to "register" with us areas of specialty you can contribute.  Alternatively, if you need help, you can also come to mingle with the community who might be able to help you to discover your options.  If you are new to HR, this community will also help you to discover potential coaches and mentors.  What we asked of you is to "pay it forward" when your time comes.

Please register as soon as possible to avoid disappointment!

4HR can help you with the following:​​

Help you to discover ways of getting out of the Four Seasons of Dispute©

Provide you another "sounding board" 

Challenge you to see if you're thinking "three steps ahead"

Encourage you to have the courage to work on "Plan B"

Prepare you for the dreaded mediation session

Explore another angle of approach

Challenge to see if you have considered all options

Just offering a listening ear

 Organize Company visits to explore options in other industries

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