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Why ♥4HR?

Updated: Jul 28, 2019

My journey as a HR practitioner started more than a decade ago. “Getting my foot in the door” at the first Company marks the beginning of my lifetime career in HR. I knew I found my core purpose and meaning to my profession.

We are the “unsung hero”, the gatekeeper and the beacon to safeguard the sanctity between the employee-employer relationship. We are the “go-to” person whenever an employee feels that their “voices are not heard” and we are also the “go-to” advisor for the employer to ensure “actions” taken on an employee are carried out in accordance to our local labour laws.

What happens if we find ourselves in the “limelight” when our “voices are not heard”? Who can we seek help? I have heard numerous disheartening stories of our fellow HR practitioners who had been “cornered” to resign or constructively dismissed from their appointment, others reluctantly “opt-in” for “their turn” at retrenchment exercises. The hard truth is that we have no immunity to potential “job loss”. Who can we turn to when we need help?

Today we have established government agencies which offer employee-employer dispute mediation services. However, who can we turn to in those “dark moments” before we may ended up taking a queue number, to seek government support? The truth is that our employees (and employers) have a guardian angel called the “HR Manager”.

When we find ourselves in the “spotlight”, we don’t have any guardian angel by our side. “Hearts 4 HR” is set up to provide community service to our fellow HR practitioners. It is a community of “HR practitioners for HR practitioners”.

♥4HR was incorporated on 20 July 2019, a significant date as it marks the 50th anniversary of mankind to land on the moon. To paraphrase the quote from the “first man on the moon”, Mr. Neil Armstrong, “One small step for ♥4HR, One giant leap for HR Community”.

I hope, exceptionally seasoned senior HR practitioners in the industry will come forth to be part of this community. Your expertise and experience are very much needed to help our fellow HR practitioners at the time of their need.

Esther Er, Founder

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