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The Inaugural Event - A Magical Moment

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

In our wired world where we should be more connected, the paradoxical reality is that people are increasingly more polarized. A world where society is slowly losing our "kampung spirit" of helping one another. People are more self-centered, nations are beginning to look inwards.

When we have finished our inaugural speeches, a feather touch was all that was needed to get the whole room to come alive!

When you get a bunch of HR practitioners into a room talking to one another, you bring out the best in us! It is as though everyone had so much to share but no one they could share with! The floodgates of emotions poured out in the room! It was wild! If someone was standing outside our function room, they might think it was a contest to see who could speak the loudest!

The time was around 8 pm, and when everyone’s stomach should be making lots of noises, it was drowned by the joy of conversation. Suddenly it dawned on me that this was a magical moment. A moment in time where we neglected all our electronic devices. This was reminiscing of a group of people just having a great time engaging with one another around a campfire. This was "grassroots" community at its best!

It was just people standing in clusters just enjoying the art of productive conversation. Friends who have not seen each other for months, reconnected. Some like me, connected with one of my former bosses. For others, the opportunity of meeting 21 people from across the industries.

We had to really coax people to have their dinner. Everyone was so busy talking to each other than their stomach had to take a back seat. We may have yet discovered the best way of going on a diet without spending a single cent!

We know that we are on the right path with “Heart 4 HR”. We started this community with an agile way of doing things. We are not concern about structures, protocols, rules, etc. It was just going back to the core of our human instinct, the need to part of a bigger purpose. This was an evening where technology was utterly forgotten. This was an evening of “shared purpose”. A group of people coming together with the genuine sincerity of sharing their knowledge and insights.

We hope the rest of the HR practitioners will come to join us to experience this magical moment. There is no membership, but just a paltry sum of money to cover dinner and drinks. In our wired world, the reverse is happening. People do not have the opportunity to grow and interact with each other in a flash! The friendship from “Heart 4 HR” was one of purity and it's real.

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