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I finally found a "community" that is dear to my heart!

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

I have always wanted to “pay it forward”. When Esther approached me on ♥4HR, I realized that I have finally found something that is very “dear” to me. A community that genuinely reaches out to fellow HR practitioners when they needed help most.

In our world of startups and agile "way of working", I am very excited to be part of ♥4HR strategy of "start small, start simple, but start fast"! I will also get to learn first hand the challenges of being in a startup and the need to be agile!

I recalled many years ago working with one of the multinational companies, and we just had a new HR boss. Within the first few months, he made things difficult for my two colleagues, who eventually resigned. I was third on the list, and sure enough, he would nitpick at all my work, and in front of my colleagues belittled me.

After a few weeks and on the verge of taking sleeping pills, I knew it was time for me to resign. To make matters worse, my dad passed away a few months later, knowing his son was without a job. The problem then was that I had no one that I could turn to for help.

I wished I had a community called “Heart 4 HR” then that I could perhaps seek advice or provide a "listening ear." I have personally gone through the Four Seasons of Dispute© and can still vividly remember the low-lights.

I had, in recent years, wanted to “pay it forward” to my adopted country. I did my research and did not quite find something that I could leverage on my strengths, until ♥4HR comes along. I am very honored to be appointed the Advisor for this community that helps HR practitioners in their hour of need!

I hope other fellow HR practitioners who have also gone through a similar experience will come forth to be part of this community, or just want to "pay it forward".

Raymund Chua, ♥4HR Advisor

Head of Regional Center & Head of HR, Asia Pacific

Heraeus Asia Pacific Holding Pte Ltd

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