Frequently Asked Questions

 01  Is there a membership fee?

There is no membership fee at all.  In the true spirit of "paying it forward", we would like members to contribute whatever they can when we meet once a month, i.e. their experience, being a "case buddy", bring your own food, drinks, and even sponsoring a venue for the community to meet. 



 02  How does 4HR treat confidentiality and privacy of individual case file?  ​

As HR practitioners, it is in our profession to treat every information with care.  As in our profession, we bring a lot of our stories to our graves.  All "Case Buddies" must treat all information as confidential and we will never keep copies of your case.  We come to help with "open arms, and we will leave with open arms".




 03  I like to play an active role in 4HR.  What can I do?

We started this community in an agile manner.  No structure, no committee.  We adopted a very simple strategy, "Start Small, Start Simple, but Start Fast".  The 4HR plane has taken off, and we have to be honest to tell you that we are still building the "landing gears".  It is a work-in-progress to which we are not sure where it will take us. 


If you think you can contribute to make this community grow and even go global, we would like to hear from you.  There are many things you can do to help out, e.g. be a "Case Buddy" or even to manage the website if you have web design talents.


We are also looking for HR practitioners who can offer their venue for networking, auditorium or training room for the community to meet, and even if you are in the F&B business, sponsor refreshments for the group! Contrary to what most people think, HR practitioners are also multi-talented in many areas.  Bring those talents of yours to 4HR!




 04  What are the requirements of a "Case Buddy"?

  Conducted at least more than 30 grievance management cases

  Currently holding on to a Senior Manager position

  Possessed good written English

  At least more than 10 years of industry experience

  Empathetic and a great listener

 05  Can I form a new chapter outside Singapore?


It would be great if we have a global community of 4HR.  Please contact us if you are interested to form a new community outside Singapore.  You need to meet the following requirements:  (1) You need to be a HR Practitioner; (2) You are in a senior position; (3) Full endorsement from your employer that they recognized that you are playing a very important corporate social responsibility; (4) a non-profit community; (5)  4HR values.

Our values

♥ Honesty: Our relationship is founded on open mindedness and transparency.

Empathy: We treat our HR fellows as a family, we listen and connect with you.

Assurance: We inspire confidence and positiveness in deepening our fellowship

Respect: You can count on us as your "guardian angel"

Teamwork: We believe in "paying it forward"

 06  I need help urgently! ​How I work with 4HR?