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In the course of our HR career, we lost count the number of times we stood steadfast to ensure that our employees' interest and welfare is taken care of. When our employees are no longer able to continue their journey with the company, we are always there to ensure that they "leave with class". 
There are times, we are the only "guardian angel" for the affected employee as their own supervisor may have also "abandon" them for fearing for their own job security.  However when it comes to our turn to be in the spotlight, who can we turned to?
4HR community is here for you.  We're a community of experienced HR practitioners who will help you during those moments where help is needed most.  We want you to know that you don't have to be alone anymore.

We collect no fees except that we ask you to "pay it forward". Join us!

We are a community made up of experience HR practitioners. 


♥ Some of us have gone through the Four Seasons of Disputes©.

 Collectively, we've presided over 100 cases.

We help you to systemically linked to other opportunities.

We will "be here for you" throughout the Four Seasons of Disputes©

We (as HR practitioners) will bring your story with us to our graves.  

We are an independent community.

If nothing else ... we provide a "listening ear" to you!

 We will meet once a month just to catch-up on things! As we are a non-profit community and we collect no fees, the theme will be "Bring Your Own" (BYO) drinks, food, etc.  We also look for sponsors who can provide us a venue to meet!

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