4HR is a non-profit HR community to support our fellow HR practitioners in their hour of need.  Our employees look to us as their "guardian angel" to ensure that their interest and welfare is taken care of.  We are also the "gatekeeper" of the company to ensure that our employees are treated in accordance to our local labor laws.  However, when we find ourselves in the spotlight, who will come to our aid?  


4HR is setup to ensure that you are not alone in your hour of need.  4HR will be with you as you journey through the Four Seasons of Dispute©. The Four Seasons of Dispute© starts from the moment you first sense something is amiss through to starting afresh again. 


4HR is a community of HR fellowship that will walk with you through the four seasons.  You don't have to be alone. Our Vision is to be "The Trusted Confidant for HR Professionals".  Our Mission is to bring together the largest HR community "under one roof".

The Four Seasons of Dispute©
Autumn of Vulnerability

It starts with sensing something is amiss.  Your gut tells you that something is wrong and you're starting to worry.

Winter of Darkness

Your greatest fear comes alive.  Everyday is a living hell.  You ended up being on the other side of the fence.

Spring of Release

You are officially released by your employer.  What options are available that you can take?  It's just not right ..

Summer of Rejuvenation

It's time to move on to the next chapter of your life.  The challenge is to have "summer" all year round by continuously networking with the 4HR community.

We hope that this movement is not just in Singapore but global chapters being established to do more for our fellow HR practitioners.

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